Dear Mr. President:


There are many important things I must share with you about volcanoes and earthquakes.


The most recent earthquakes are occurring through the West Coast of North America, the West Coast of South America, and most prominently throughout the Pacific Rim. Most earthquakes are most likely to occur in those locations. However, some earthquakes occur commonly in Indonesia, Central Europe, and down the Atlantic Ocean.


There are a lot of ways to determine what parts of the world are most prone to earthquakes. Usually, earthquakes are most prone to the parts of the world where they most commonly occur. If you were to plot earthquakes on a map for a long time, then the places that have a lot of earthquakes in that location are probably the places that are going to receive the most earthquakes in the future. Also, some locations where the seafloors are spreading, a lot of earthquakes appear.


There definitely is a relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes. For example, they seem to happen in a lot of the same places. Also, that information tells us that an earthquake might cause a volcano or even vice versa. Many earthquakes and volcanoes appear in many of the same locations because the same forces cause them. For example, they both are effected by the seafloor spreading.


Three main motions of plates cause earthquakes. The first one is when two plates collide and bump into each other. Next, the second reason is sometimes when plates pull apart from each other. Last but not Least, when two plates slide together, that often causes earthquakes too.


As you can see, earthquakes and volcanoes often occur in certain places and you could be ready from them. I hope I have told you everything you wanted to know and, if you need me you could always reach me for more information.




Luke D.