May 4, 2004

Dear Mr. President,

          My name is Mackenzie and Iím writing to you because you are concerned about where earthquakes and volcanoes are happening. Iím also going to answer your questions.

          The most recent earthquakes are occurring  by the west coast of North America the west coast of South America, the east coast of Australia, and the southern coast of Europe. Most of the earthquakes are more likely to occur in certain locations.

          There is a way to determine what parts of the world are most prone to them. You can determine this by plotting the most recent earthquakes on a map.

          Yes, there is a relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes. Earthquakes might cause volcanoes and there is a lot of destruction from both.

          Plate movement is causing earthquakes. Plate movement is when plates can pull apart, come together or slide under one another.

          I hope I answered all of your questions about earthquakes and volcanoes. Oh, by the way, I donít want you to cut all of my funding.




                                                                                         Mackenzie R.