Dear Mr. President:


As the lead in the United States Geological Survey (USGS) I have some interesting facts about earthquakes and where, why, and how they occur. In the western United States , eastern Asia, Japan , and western South America is where the most recent earthquakes occur. Yes,  the earthquakes are most likely to occur in certain locations depending on the past earthquakes that appeared on certain  places.


There is a way to determine what parts of the world are more prone to  the more earthquakes. Because of recent earthquakes occurring in certain locations, the more there are in a certain location you can tell that they may be more occurring in a specific location.


There is a great relationship between volcanoes and earthquakes. Both earthquakes and volcanoes have to do with the sea floor spreading, the rubbing or sliding of plates (which are large sections of rock that make up the earth). They both usually arise in together and cause mass destruction.


The rubbing, spreading, sliding, or shifting of plates causes earthquakes. They result from faults (or breaks) in the earth’s crust. The different direction of the faults also causes earthquakes.



Martin C.