Dear Mr. President,

     I have researched and found answers to the topics you asked about. I have found many interesting patterns in the way earthquakes and volcanoes occur. I will be happy to share my information with you in the paragraphs below.

     My research shows that the most recent earthquakes have been occurring in the same areas. The most common areas are, the west coast of north and south America, around Indonesia, and some near the east coast of Asia. I believe that earthquakes are likely to occur again in these places because many earthquakes often occur in these areas.

     I have also found out that there is a way to determine what parts of the world are most prone to earthquakes. I have learned most earthquakes occur on the point where to plates meet. Therefore, earthquakes are likely to occur in those parts of the world.

     Iím also happy to inform you that my research has proven that there is a relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes. The relationship is that like earthquakes, volcanoes occur on the rim of the cracked plates.

Last but not least, earthquakes are caused when plates bump together or slide past each other. I hope this information has helped you.



                   Mirela T.