Dear Mr. President,

      Iíve done my research for you needs on volcanoes and earthquakes. I hope you are pleased with my work. Studying my map and my data, Iíve completed all of your tasks.

          Iíve noticed from my research, that most earthquakes occur all over the earthís surface. Mostly near Australia, California, and near the West Coast of South America. From examining my map, I also noticed that these earthquakes follow each other as they spread out throughout the earth. This information is very helpful because you can use this information to determine where these earthquakes are going to mostly act. If you study my map, you can see what parts of the earth are going to be effected by these earthquakes and volcanoes. Also, you can see what parts are going to be prone to them. There seems to be a relationship because they appear in the same parts of the earth and they appear larger. They also appear closer. Some also occur in the same places. From my research, I can now determine how earthquakes form. These earthquakes form when moving plates shift under each other and cause fold to the crust. Overall I hope you enjoy my work as much as I did.



                                                                                      Naquasha F.