Dear Mr. President:


I found some information about the earthquakes and volcanoes that might be to your liking. As you know my team of scientists is working very hard to keep this research going and finding a solution to all of your questions.  


The most recent earthquakes are occurring along the coast of Asia and also in the Atlantic Ocean. Another place that earthquakes are common is on the West Coast of South America/North America, and also on the Pacific Rim


Yes there is a way to determine what parts of the world are most prone to them. One of them is that the ocean floor is spreading. Another way is where the most earthquakes and volcanoes have already happened.


Yes there is a relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes. The relationship is that they happen in the same places. Some of the same places were North and South America. Another place is in the Atlantic Ocean and the Asian coast. Also where the ocean floor is spreading.


The thing that is causing the earthquakes is the plates bumping against eachother.

Nick V.