Dear Mr. President,


After I received the announcement,  I went right to work, researching, reading, finding facts that even I wasn’t familiar with, until I finally came up with reliable answers to all of your questions.  I discovered where the most recent earthquakes are located all over the world.  They are mainly located on the Western coast of North America, Eastern Asia, Indonesia, and the Western coast of South America.  The only part of the Eastern coast of North America that is in danger of earthquakes is in the Atlantic Ocean. 

To help me understand my discoveries, I decided to use a map.  I located and marked all places where earthquakes are occurring with a dot.  When studying the map, I realized that there is definitely a way to determine what parts of the world are in the most danger from earthquakes.  Places with the most marks are in danger.  Also, places are in danger if they are located on the edges of plates.

The relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes is very clear.  They relate in a way of where they occur on earth.  On my map I also marked volcanoes and discovered that earthquakes and volcanoes are located in the same areas.  Another way that volcanoes and earthquakes relate is that both are the affects of plate movement.  Plates are large pieces of rock that “float’ on the asthenosphere.

The cause of earthquakes is all about plates.  Earthquakes can be caused by plates sliding, bumping, pulling apart, sliding over each other, rub, or creating pressure in between one another.  I hope I have provided you with all the information you need, and let me assure you that the research is all accurate and it would be a good idea to share my discoveries with the public.


Noelle V.