Dear Mr. President


          I have just received your letter and I hope you donít cut off our founding on this project. I was recently working on this project when you sent me this letter so it didnít take me long to answer these questions. The most recent earthquakes occur on plate boundaries. Yes, theyíre more likely to occur in certain places.

          Yes there is a way to know what parts of the earth are prone to them. This way is to plot  and record the earthquakes for a long period of time.

          There is a relationship between earthquakes and  volcanoes. The relationship is that they can occur in the same place at the same time.

          Plates rubbing or sliding cause pressures that makes the plates move rapidly and then everything on those boundaries of the plates falls. That is what causes earthquakes. In conclusion, everything you want to know about earthquakes and volcanoes is answered.



                                                                                                Rochelle P.