Dear Mr.President:


I am pleased to inform you that I have finished my report on earthquakes.  I am also pleased that you chose me to do this report.  I thank you very much.


The most recent earthquakes are occurring in the Pacific Rim, the western coast of North America, the western coast of South America, Central Europe, and Northeastern Asia.  Many of these quakes occur in the same area as other past earthquakes.  For example, the Pacific Rim has many earthquakes happen there.  Many of them occur in the same spot.


The earthquakes are more likely to occur in certain locations.  In the middle of the

Atlantic Ocean a line of earthquakes seems to happen there and go up towards the north.  Furthermore, there are a number of earthquakes that happen up and down the western coast of North America.  More earthquakes keep happening along these locations.  That tells me they happen in certain locations.


There is a way to tell what parts of the world are prone to more earthquakes.  If an earthquake occurs in one spot, it is likely that another earthquake will happen there.  Also, you can look at a map with earthquakes plotted on it.  If a certain area has had a lot of earthquakes happening there than it is prone to more of them.


There is a relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes.  Earthquakes sometime cause volcanoes to erupt from the shaking.  Volcanoes occur along the same route as earthquakes do.  For example the Pacific Rim has tons of earthquakes and volcanoes, sometimes in the same spot.  They both occur along the edge of plates.


The bumping together, slightly touching each other and the sliding of plates can cause an earthquake.


I hope you are happy with the information I have given you.  I hope this information will let you sleep better at night.  I thought you might want to know, Washington D.C is not a target for earthquakes or volcanoes.



Victor W.