Dear President,

I am writing to you because I donít want you to stop funding my science group for this special occasion. I know you want to know what's happening with earthquakes and volcanoes and Iíll tell you about it. Most earthquakes are occurring on the boundaries of the plates. Yes they will occur in in certain places of the earth.

Making charts and tracking down places were earthquakes occur is how we found out were all the earthquakes are happening. Some parts of the earth are more prone to them.

There is a relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes because they occur in the same places at the same time. We found that out by using the chart.

Plates are moving together, apart, and rubbing against each other to make earthquakes, mostly near California.

 That is as far as I got on my mission of earthquakes and volcanoes. Iíll continue this letter when I have more research.



                                                                    Victoria H.