Lima North Middle School
Lima, OH
Teacher: Jodi Freiberger



Dear Mr. President,

Hi, this is Angela from North Middle School. I am writing you this letter to respond to you about your letter about the earthquakes. Well most earthquakes occur on the regions and yes they are likely to occur in some of the certain locations. Yes there is a relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes. The things that are causing earthquakes is the force of the plates pushing up against each other. Mr. President I hope that I have answered your questions that you wanted to know about earthquakes so there you go good bye for now. Please respond if you are happy with what I gave you about the earthquakes.


May 5, 2005

Dear Mr. President,
My name is Ash’ely. I am in 8th grade and I am just replying to your letter you wrote me about the earthquakes. The earthquakes are in Alaska, Indonesia, and California. They are the most recent earthquakes in the world. They are most likely to happen on the main active faults like on the coast of California, Alaska, and Indonesia. The part of the world they are most prone to is the north and the east coast. There is a relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes. The relationship is that where you find a/an earthquake you are more that likely to find a volcano. And lastly the thing that is causing earthquakes is the overactive plate movement.

Thank you for taking your time out to read this letter and to take a minuet and think about the world.

Ash’ely at lima north middle school

Dear Mr. President,
My research has finally come to an end.
I have found out that the most recent earthquakes have appeared in California, Alaska, any place near water, or plates close to each other. But one of the most important things you need to know is that earthquakes can and will appear anywhere, but most are prone to places near the ocean.
Earthquakes and volcanoes do have a thing in common with each other, volcanoes are formed from earthquakes, what causes earthquakes is when plates collide together, the friction causes much pressure against one another and an earthquake will begin.
Well that is all for now, I will continue my research, and if I find out more I will give you more facts, but for now, have a very pleasant day!



Dear Mr. President,

Hello my name is Nykel. I am writing you to answer your questions.
Earthquakes mostly occur in Alaska and California. Earthquakes are more likely to occur in all locations.
There is a way to find out what parts of the earth are most prone to them. You can find this out by looking on the internet on the site and finding out how many earthquakes and volcanoes that have happened in the past day, week or this month to find out where they most occur.
Yes, there are relations between earthquakes and volcanoes. When the plates over lap and when they bump into each other they make earthquakes.
Well Mr. President, I have answered your questions and now I have to end this letter. Thank you for your time.


Dear Mr. President,

I am responding back to tell you that I discovered new information by doing research on the internet. I fount out that the most recent earthquakes are occurring along the coast of regions. Like California, Alaska, and Indonesia.
They are most likely to occur along the coast and the oceans.
There is a way to determine what parts of the world are prone to earthquakes which are where two (2) plates are close to each other or where plates are next to each other. They are also prone to where oceans are at.
The relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes are their location. Volcanoes are next to earthquakes. They are created by two (2) plates colliding.
When two (2) plates meet against each other or making contact is causing earthquakes.


Dear Mr. President,

I am responding to the letter you wrote me. The most recent earthquakes are occurring in California, Alaska, and Nigeria. They are very likely to occur in these places because there are two plates that are prone to them are the places where plates meet. There are a relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes because they both occur where plates meet. The rubbings of plates cause earthquakes. I hope I was helpful.


Dear Mr. President,

I have been conducting different types of research over the different areas of earth quakes and volcanoes, so far I have recovered information you may find interesting. From my research I’ve found that most earth quakes appear to be where the plates meet, the collision of plates cause earth quakes and also can cause volcanoes if the plate cracks and allows the magma to seep through.
The following areas are the most active that I’ve seen in the last couple weeks
- California
- East coast of the u.s.
- Asia
- Australia
- 3 parts of South America
- One in Tennessee
With the patterns of the quakes the quake in Tennessee was inconsistent with the other quakes and I fear that it may mean more quakes are in the United States.
All this is from plotting the maps of the world quakes, responding to your letter of urgency here. I appreciate the chance to help you,

Thank you,

Dear Mr. President
The most recent earthquakes are happening in California and near other coast lines. Earthquakes are also happening in Japan and other places in Asia. They are also likely to occur in those same places a second time. There is no way to determine whether
There are any places that are prone to earthquakes.
There is a relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes. The earthquake moves the land into a mound like figure, which will eventually turn into a large volcano erupting in 10,000 years
The earthquakes are being caused by the earth’s plates clashing together. This can happen on earths surface or deep inside the earths crust.