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2007 - Student Letters & Final Reports

Ms. Donna Cole, Edison Elementary School, Washington State, USA
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6 th Grade Students from Mrs. Wurst’s Science Enrichment Class Clarendon School Secaucus

Dear President,

After thorough research on the topic of earthquakes, our team has reached our conclusions. Below we have compiled a research sheet:

  • Where are the most recent earthquakes occurring and why are they more likely to occur in certain locations?

Most recent earthquakes are occurring around southern Alaska, the Caribbean islands, the west coast of the United States and South America, and the east coast of Asia and Indonesia. They are most likely to occur near fault lines.

  • Is there anyway to determine what parts of the world are most prone to earthquakes?

The parts of the world that are most prone to earthquakes are the ones near fault lines, plate boundaries, or ocean trenches. In shallow earthquakes, plates collide near the surface of the earth, and in deep earthquakes one plate slides under another.

  • Is there a relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes?

Moving plates at colliding boundaries causes both volcanoes and earthquakes.

  • What is causing earthquakes?

The constant movement of plates causes pressure to build up at faults and plate boundaries. When there is a sudden slip of rock, the pressure is released quickly. This is when an earthquake occurs.

  • How are you going to test your ideas?

We can test our ides by doing computer research daily and continue to chart earthquakes. We can also ask university seismologists, or use seismographs to research earthquakes.









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