Table of Contents Using Real-Time Data Lesson Plans Implementation Assistance

Teaching Tip!

Within each group, delegate tasks according to job description:

Container Controller:

  1. keeps the container in designated alignment
  2. keeps the substrate leveled -- may have to level after each trial test
  3. centers the prototype building (testing bottle) on top of the substrate
  4. holds the container in place during each trial test

Earthquake Generator:

  1. Lines up the pendulum with the given angle to be tested
  2. Releases the pendulum when all members of team are ready


  1. Checks that the pendulum is at the given angle to be tested
  2. Checks that the container is in the designated alignment
  3. Measures how level the building is after the pendulum is released


  1. Obtains the necessary charts and tables
  2. Records the number of stands & falls of prototype building
  3. Records the calculation of the stability factor (OTHER TEAM MEMBERS SHOULD ASSIST WITH CALCULATIONS