Musical Plates

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Lesson Plans
Curriculum Standards
National Science Standards, National Math Standards, NJ, NY, OH, FL, AZ, Phoenix

Core Lessons Student
 Preliminary Activity: The President Wants YOU! Student Worksheet - Preliminary Activity
Students should begin here FIRST before moving on to the Core Lessons.
 Lesson 1: Plot Current Earthquake Data Student Worksheet - Lesson 1
In this lesson students will access USGS earthquake information and plot the locations on a world map.
 Lesson 2: Look for Patterns Student Worksheet - Lesson 2
Students will compare the map they created in Lesson One to a map showing tectonic plates and look for a relationship.
 Lesson 3: Where will you be in a million years? Student Worksheet - Lesson 3
Students will access information about the motion (speed and direction) of the Earth's tectonic plates and make predictions.
 Lesson 4: How do volcanoes fit in the picture? Student Worksheet - Lesson 4
Students will plot recent volcanic activity on a world map and look for relationships between volcanoes and plate boundaries.

Supplemental and Enrichment Lessons
 Enrichment Lesson 1:Letter to the President Student Worksheet - Enrichment Lesson 1
Students will return to the mission in the Preliminary Activity and write a letter to the President.
 Enrichment Lesson 2: Eyewitness Accounts Student Worksheet - Enrichment Lesson 2
Students will read several eyewitness accounts of earthquakes from 1886 to the present day and study their effects on individuals and communities.
Enrichment Lesson 3: Eyewitness Interview Student Worksheet - Enrichment Lesson 2
Students will use online resources to answer specific questions about an earthquake or volcanic eruption and will present their information in interview (question and answer) form.
Enrichment Lesson 4: What Can I Build On?  
  Students will become engineers and investigate how to build a structure to withstand liquefaction.  
Enrichment Lesson 5: Designing an Earthquake Resistant Structure  
  Students will become engineers and explore building earthquake resistant structures and what variables are most significant.  
Final Project Lesson: Student Presentations Student Worksheet - Final Project Lesson
Students will prepare a final project (brochure, multimedia presentation, web page, etc.) that demonstrates their understanding of the major concepts.

Assessment Suggestions
Each of the lessons has a section on assessment located at the bottom of each page that contains individual assessment suggestions to evaluate the students' understanding of each of the corresponding objectives.

The Final Project: Show What You Know! may be used to assess to what degree the students have achieved the learning objectives for the entire Musical Plates project. You may need to change the suggested format and requirements to match the material and objectives for the lessons that you covered and the equipment that is available.






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