Teacher Area

Extension Lesson: Department of Safe H 2 O


  • Provide students with the opportunity to experience working as a company.

Delivery of instruction:
Present the students with a grant opportunity to form a humanitarian group to help developing countries with their water related issues.

Students will be put into a role-playing situation to create a humanitarian group who wants to help developing countries with their water issues. Students will also plan a gala event to announce the winning grant recipient. Students will prepare a newscast to announce the call for proposals, and gala event to announce the grant recipient.

Outcome: Students will deliver a grant proposal. The grant recipient can be announced at a gala/fundraising event. Students will develop background information for the group, description of the group, a philosophy, goals, and projects description of the project attempt. Different teams of students can provide input to the efforts of the group. Some may be designing while others are developing future projects and defining the group. Some need to plan the Gala!