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Reverse Engineering of a Common Product

Activity 3: Disassembly

Work as a team to reverse engineer the device that your teacher provided. The ideal team will be made up of 4 members. One person should do the physical disassembly. Most parts snap together and no tools will be required for disassembly but be careful because many of the parts are delicate. A second member of the team should create a Disassembly Procedure Table that will describe the step-by-step process of disassembly. Describe the process in one column and use another column to describe how easy or difficult it was to complete each step. The third member of the team should use a digital camera to record images of individual parts and systems. Later on add these images to the table. The fourth member of the team should carefully observe the disassembly process so that he/she will be able to lead the process of assembling the camera.

Answer the Disassembly Questions after you have taken the camera apart.