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Reverse Engineering of a Common Product

Activity 4: Assembly Instructions

After the product has been completely disassembled and catalogued work as a team to reassemble it as completely as possible.

Create a second table that includes the name of each part, function, digital image and re-assembly instructions.

Prepare a brief report that compares what you expected to find inside the camera before and what you found during disassembly.

Prepare a complete set of reassembly instructions that may include diagrams, images, or any other information that would be essential for another team to reassemble this device.

Collaborate with other teams in your class that are also creating reassembly instructions for the same device. Work together to select or refine one complete set of instructions that represents the best efforts of your class. As a class, post one set of instructions for each device in Collaboration Central or to a Google Doc.

Once your class has posted the two sets of instructions, disassemble the devices again and give the components to your teacher who will give your disassembled device to a different team in your class.