A CIESE Collaborative Project

Teacher Guide: Lesson Plans

Curriculum Standards
National science and math standards as well as state and local standards for NJ, NY, OH, FL, AZ, and Phoenix.

Core Lessons Student
Class Letter of Introduction Student Worksheet - Lesson 1: Submit a Class Letter of Introduction
Begin here FIRST. Each class will submit a class Letter of Introduction to the Discussion Area.
Record the Data and find the Averages Student Worksheet - Lesson 2: Record the Data and find the Averages
Students will record their local daily temperature and minutes of daylight during the week of and submit it to the project web site.
Plot! Analyze! & Draw your Conclusions! Student Worksheet - Lesson 3: Plot! Analyze! & Draw your Conclusions!
Students will plot, analyze, and draw conclusions based on data submitted from the participating schools.
Class Final Report Student Worksheet - Lesson 4: Write & Submit a Class Final Report
Students will write a submit a Final Report describing what they learned from this project to the Discussion Area


Supplemental and Enrichment Lessons
Geography Lesson - Find the Participating Schools N/A
Students will locate the participating schools on a map and research their country, culture, and environment.
Language Arts Activity: How does climate affect your environment? (APRIL - MAY) Student Worksheet - Language Arts APRIL - MAY
Students will gather information about their school and other participating classes and determine how climate affect their living environment.
Language Arts Activity: Cultural Exchange (NOVEMBER - DECEMBER) Student Worksheet - Language Arts NOVEMBER - DECEMBER
Students share and exchange information about various New Years celebrations and Holidays.


Assessment Suggestions

Each of the lessons has a section on assessment located at the bottom of each page that contains individual assessment suggestions to evaluate the students' understanding of each of the corresponding objectives.

Lesson 4: Write and Submit a Final Report may be used to assess to what degree the students have achieved the learning objectives for the entire Global Sun Temperature project. You may need to change the suggested format and requirements to match the material and objectives for the lessons that you covered and the equipment that is available.



Ready-made Pre- and Post-Tests
The following tests for both the elementary and middle school classrooms have been developed for your use if you find them useful.

A. Elementary School Pre- and Post-Tests

Pre-test: SunTemp_PreE.pdf Post-test: SunTemp_PostE.pdf
Pre-test w/ Answers: SunTemp_PreEA.pdf Post-test w/ Answers: SunTemp_PostEA.pdf

B. Middle School Pre- and Post-Tests

Pre-test: SunTemp_PreM.pdf Post-test: SunTemp_PostM.pdf
Pre-test w/ Answers: SunTemp_PreMA.pdf Post-test w/ Answers: SunTemp_PostMA.pdf

C. Alternative Global Sun Temperature Project Test