A CIESE Collaborative Project

Project Instructions

Just follow the timeline below:

The Global Sun Temperature Project is an Internet-based multidisciplinary project designed to enrich a student's learning experience through "Unique and Compelling" applications of technology. In particular, this project utilizes the Internet to have students collaborate in large numbers, across great distances, to determine how proximity to the equator affects average daily temperature and hours of sunlight. Please review the key dates listed below:

STEPS Key Dates
All Dates 2017
1. Read the Project Overview  
2. Registration Opens!
- JOIN the Project! if you have not already done so.




Oct 30 - Nov 10

3. Project Begins!
- Write the Class Letter of Introduction and submit it to the Discussion area.

Optional Activities (highly recommended)
- Language Arts & Geography Activities
- Submit photos of your class to the Student Gallery



Conduct the Experiment
- Record the Daily Temperature and Sunlight Readings & Find the Averages


Nov 13 - Nov 17



Submit the Temperature and Sunlight Data
- Submit data to the Project Data section.
- The final verified data will be ready for downloading by the end of the day Monday Nov 27.


Nov 17 - Dec 8

6. Graph and Analyze the Results
- Plot! Analyze! and Draw your Conclusions!



Nov 20 - Dec 8


7. Final Report
- Write a Class Final Report sharing your conclusions and submit it to the Discussion area.
8. Project Ends - See Dates for Next Run