A CIESE Primary Source and
Archived Collections Project

Wallace School, Hoboken, New Jersey
Ms. Killen's Fifth Grade Class

The students made timelines showing the most important events in their lives. They then selected primary source materials and other artifacts to include in their own "Historical Treasure Chests." Below are photographs and student comments.

Loussine: I love looking back at the past. My favorite item is a journal that my mother started making when I was 3 months old. It has pictures, drawings, postcards, and letters from my family in France.

Ryan: My favorite primary source is my hospital bracelet. I wore it until I went home for the first time.

Danny: I included a book about me that my mom had made right after I was born at the Hackensack Medical Center. It tells how much I weighed, how long I was and more.

Genesis: I brought in my handprint from Kindergarten. I gave it to my mother for Mothers Day.

Matthew: I have my birth certificate. I was born on July 20, 1995.

Alexandra: I brought in a Pittsburg Steelers hat that was signed by the whole team.

Joshua:  My favorite primary source materials are my birthday cards from my Dad when he was the Marines. 

John: I love my baby pictures and I loved learning how to make timelines.

Tatiana: I included pictures from when I was a baby in Ecuador.

Natalie: I have a photograph of myself wearing a costume from a play I was in at the YMCA.

Stephanie: I have a picture of myself taken right after I was born and I was still in the hospital. I was wearing a pink cap.

Cassandra: I have souvenirs from my Baptism and my reports cards from first and second grades.

Dominick: I have a picture taken when I was five years old and still lived in Italy. Im wearing my school uniform and singing in a Christmas play.

Ethan: I put in my handprint that was taken right after September 11 when we created the Hoboken Kids Memorial Flag.

Erika: My favorite picture was one taken of my father and me on the first day that I came home from the hospital on August 14, 1995.

Jules: I have a picture of me taken with my grandmother in Jersey City. She made me my first baby blanket.

David M.: I put in my footprint from when I was first born at Marys Hospital.