A CIESE Primary Source and
Archived Collections Project

Louise A. Spencer School, Newark, New Jersey

Mr. Pomerantz's Fifth Grade Class

Mrs. Guyton, Technology Coordinator

The students made timelines showing the most important events in their lives. They then selected primary source materials and other artifacts to represent these events.  In the photographs below the students are sharing information about the items they have chosen to put in their "treasure chests." Click on the thumbnails for larger views.





Students' Comments

Al-Juquan: The best thing I put in my treasure chest was my mother's journal and the letters she wrote to her unborn child - Me!

My-Kee: I learned that primary source materials are the original things.

Aaron: It's fun to look back into the past to see what happened.

Onje: I like the picture of me taking my first step.

Zanieah: I included my first report card,  my acceptance letter to this class, and my kindergarten graduation certificate.

Marilyn: I have hand-made Valentine and Mothers' Day cards.

Labria: I put in a picture from my first birthday party in 1993.

Davina: The items that we save can bring back memories, both happy and sad.

Jhanae: I like the picture of me on my first day in kindergarten.

Kiiera: Looking at primary source materials can be fun!

Ashley: I learned that photographs can be primary source materials.

Patricia: I have the first book I ever read.

Dante: I kept my basketball awards.

Sheldon: Photographs can tell a lot about a person's life.

Mary: I showed pictures of me that were taken right after I was born and still in the hospital.