A CIESE Collaborative Project

Spring 2004 Final Reports

Woodland Montessori Middle School

High School Lucian Blaga Constantza / Romania
Shikellamy High School  

Woodland Montessori Middle School

We tested a watershed from the top of a mountain in Black Rock Forest all the way down through Cornwall, to the Hudson River. We tested the DO, phosphates, nitrates, and pH, but we are not recording the DO because the readings were unusually high, and we suspect that they were defective tests.

At the top of the mountain, the water was more acidic, probably because of acid rain. At the bottom of the mountain the water was more basic. Our phosphate readings were either good or excellent. All of the nitrates were either good or excellent except for two sites; by the Middle School and the Hudson River. This was probably because of fertilizers used on the grass and agricultural run-off.

We could not enter all of the data for the water that we collected and later tested, so we entered the Hudson River site information.

Tamarack Pond 2.3 .3 5.4
Sphnagnum Pond .41 2.3 5.8
Two Gates .61 2.3 6.2
Boulevard 2.88 2.66 6.8
Middle School .64 5.2 7.3
Mouth .42 2.8 7.8
Hudson .47 4.2 7.9

Based on these tests, we have concluded that the water is fairly healthy near us. We have also done other research looking at salamanders and insects found in the water. We have also determined, based on the findings, that the water is healthy.

High School Lucian Blaga Constantza / Romania

Location: TABACARIE Lake / Constantza / Romania
latitude: 44.12.0N
longitude: 028.380E
color: light green
there was no pollution

Date of collection: may 24 2004
Time of collection: sunny
Rain within last 48: light
Stream flow: low
Lack/pond level: normal

Local land use:
>forest land: forested area with roads

air temperature: 14 degrees C
water temperature: 11 degrees C
pH - 8.00
dissolved oxygen - 6.1
>NO2 - 0.31
>NO3 - 0.8
>PO4 - 2.1

Equipment Used
Multi LAb P5 Meter WTW

Shikellamy High School

Our class was surprised to find the water quality of the Susquehanna River to be considered "good".

pH 7.5
DO 5.1 ppm
Nitrates less than 0.2 ppm
Phosphates 2 ppm
Temp 17 degrees C

We really enjoyed this project and intent to increase our participation in the future.

Happy Testing