A CIESE Collaborative Project

Analyze the Data

Remember the primary purposes of the project:

  • To assess the quality of water based on physical characteristics and chemical substance.
  • To look for relationships and trends among the data collect by all participants.

In your group's Letter of Introduction, you should have developed a hypothesis. Look at your results and the results from other school. Do the experimental results support your hypothesis? Why or why not?

You can use either the "checked" or "unchecked" data for your analysis. Using the "checked" data will probably be more important for younger students, while it actually might be a good experience for older students to determine if all the "unchecked" data makes sense. How to scrutinize data is such an important lesson for students to learn. Students are welcome to use the Discussion Area to question other students about their results and to provide recommendations to the project leader about what to do with "questionable" data.