A CIESE Collaborative Project

Project Data

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Submit Data

When you have all of the tests completed, use this form to submit your data. If more than one class in your school submits data, please distinguish among the classes by adding a description to the School Name (e.g. Kennedy School Period 2). Make sure to submit results in the correct units. (Note: ppm is equivalent to mg/L). Unit conversion calculators for temperature can be found using links on the Reference Material page. General observations about your water source and organism identification are not submitted through this form. You may submit these findings in the Project Discussion Area for other participants to read.

View Unchecked Data

You can view this database of results at any time. This database reflects the results exactly as participants have entered them. As soon as you submit your results, they will automatically be available in this database. The project leader will periodically check this database and contact schools whose data appears to be in question.

View Checked Data (.xls file)

If you would like to download a Mac compatible version please email the Project Leader.

Only data that has been checked and verified by the project leader will be posted in this database. This is to ensure that when students analyze the data, they will not be misled by any unreasonable, unverified, or incorrect data. For the schedule of when the next version of the checked database will be posted see the project schedule and for updates or special announcements see the project discussion area.