A CIESE Collaborative Project

Spring 2000 Miami River Run - Ammons Middle School

Introductory Letter Final Project Report

This picture shows the city of Miami on the shoreline of Biscayne Bay. Here you can see a casino yacht for Bayside departing from the dock. The buildings you see in the background show commercial and business properties by the water.
Here is a picture of erosion along the bank of the Miami River. The erosion runs dangerously close to the school.
This an example of a bascule bridge closing after a ship
has passed along the Miami River. A bascule bridge is a
bridge that opens interrupting the traffic in order to allow
tall ships to pass across the waterway
This photo shows houses along the riverbank of the Miami River. Here you can see small houses in an area assigned as a historical site. The owners of the homes most likely own boats.
While on the boat we were assigned specific tests. We use this device for collecting water samples for our tests.
Here is the bottle used to collect water samples to conduct the experiments. As you can see, a lock has
been used as a weight.