A CIESE Collaborative Project

Photo Instructions

If you have any digital pictures of your class conducting their experiment or any other relevant pictures, you are welcome to send them to the project leader and they will be posted on the project web site. However, all pictures must be in a GIF or JPG format and should be sent as attachments to an email. If you have photos posted to your own web site, let the project leader know the URL and they will be copied from your site. You can get a digital picture by using a digital camera or by using a scanner to scan a real photo and saving it in one of those formats on your computer. Or you can ask your local photo developer...many are starting to put photos on a diskette if you request (for a small fee, usually about $5). Only digital photos will be accepted for publication; paper photos will not be accepted. 

Make sure, if you send photos of your students, that you have permission from their parents and the school to post the photo to the web site.  Many schools have a standard form for parents to sign to allow photos to be put on a web site.  We recommend photos of a class as a whole or photos where students have their faces partially turned from the camera. Our policy is to refer to pictures by school name only. 

See the Student Gallery for examples from past projects