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Table of Contents Using Real-Time Data Lesson Plans Implementation Assistance
Implementation Assistance
Limited Access to Computers in your Classroom
Just because you have limited access to computers in your classroom does not mean you can't implement this project.
Back-up Information
When using any form of technology, especially the Internet, it is essential to have a back-up plan in case your technology fails.
Blue Pin Graphing Tips
This project lends itself well to graphing. Graphing allows scientists to see relationships between numbers.
Mirror Site Information
What happens if this project web site goes down? While our server has a 99% reliability rating, computers always seem to give you a problem just when they are needed the most.
Internet Safety
It is important that any educator who uses the technology have an in-depth understanding of the potential dangers that the Internet poses and what can be done to protect students from these dangers. Armed with this information, teachers can both protect their students as well as educate the public to the benefits of the technology. Want more information, check out these sites:

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