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When using any form of technology, especially the Internet, it is essential to have a back-up plan in case your technology fails on the day you plan to use it in class. Below are ways to insure that students continue to work on this project in the event of an Internet connection problem.

  • Back-up web page: In most cases, back-up web pages have been provided within each of the activities / lessons for each of the external weather web sites, real-time satellite images, web cams, etc. It is highly recommended that you review each of the primary and back-up sites prior to each activity to insure that they are operational when you need them. In the unlikely chance that they are not, the following weather web pages can be used as alternatives (note: you will need to access the sites and look up the cities):
  • Save the files: You can save the web pages to a disk / hard drive or cache of your computer beforehand.
  • Hard copies: Print and make copies of specific images or data (e.g. satellite images, archived weather data such as historical temperature information, project data, etc.) ahead of time to have on hand.
  • Non-technological options:
    • Watching an educational video on the weather, meteorology, hurricanes, el Niño or La Niña, etc.  It is recommended that you have the video before you begin this project if you intend to use this Implementation Assistance Strategy.
    • Journal writing: Students can write what it might be like to live in a another place that has different weather such as the location of one of the other cities, how the difference in weather might affect people's lives, etc.

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