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Scatter Plot of Temperature (șC) vs. Elevation (m): sample

Below is a sample scatter plot with a trend line added comparing the temperature (șC) for six cities in Ecuador. In order to graph the data, you first need to enter the data into a spreadsheet. Here's an example of spreadsheet data.

Table of Temperature (șC) vs. Elevation comparing 6 cities in Ecuador

Once you've entered the data, you need to highlight the data and have your spreadsheet program make a scatter plot for you. This command will vary from program to program so make sure to review the instructions in your program. The spreadsheet program will then create a scatter plot for you with the Temperature (șC) on one side, the y-axis, and the elevation on the other, the x-axis. After the data points have been plotted, you will need to add a trend line, also known as a line of best fit as in the graph below.

Scatter Plot of Temperature (șC) vs. Elevation (m)

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