Activity 2: Purposeful Surfing of the Internet - A Scavenger Hunt

In this activity you will surf the World Wide Web to find answers to a series of questions. As you find the answers (1) record them on answer sheet and (2) make a bookmark of the page where the answer resides. 

But before you do anything else, make a bookmark of this page!

To visit the various sites on this page all you have to do is click on the hyperlinks.  To return to this page, just click on the bookmark you made for this page. 

Suriving a Hurricane

1. Go to the Miami Museum of Science website on hurricanes.

Find out the name of the hurricane that the Benitez family survived. (It's the one in the graphic above.)

News of the Day

 2. USATODAY and CNN provide up to the minute news. One of them has a Politics section. Which one?

A Visit to the National Archives
3. Go to the National Archives Exhibit Hall. Find the "When Nixon Met Elvis" exhibit and click on it. To what "personal gift" was Evis Presley referring in his 1970 letter to the president?

Speaking of Newspapers
4. Look at a sample crayon newspaper. What does this site let you do?

AT&T's Brain Spin

5. When you make a phone call to your grandparents or old pals, chances are that you are not thinking of how your voice connection came to be. 
Read about Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone and find out how he taught his dog to talk. Click here to find out what that dog said.

All Aboard the Titanic and Apollo 13!
6. What ship could have saved many additional lives if only it had responded to the flares that were sent up from the Titanic?

7. "Houston, we've got a problem."  What was the problem?

Real-time Data

8. Check out the NJ DOT traffic cams.  What are the conditions on Route 1 in Trenton? 

Education Sites
9. Go to Flights of Inspiration and find out who was older, Wilbur or Orville Wright?

 Weather, Now and Then
10. Find your local weather conditions by using the "Fast Forecast" feature of The Weather Underground site. Scroll down to "Historical Conditions" and use the drop-down menu to find out what the weather was like on this day last year.