Primary Sources     
Traveling Through History Down the Information Superhighway
Primary sources include authentic materials from the past such as letters, diaries, photographs, and maps.  These exciting historical resources have been locked up in vaults at the Library of Congress and other institutions for the last century.  These are now being digitized and made available to the world via the Internet.  With just a few clicks of the mouse, your student can now gain access to a rich set of artifacts from their past.


Miami, FL

Cleveland, OH

Phoenix, AZ

Miami Business District 1925

Hurricane Damage 1926

Biscayne Bay 1951

The Bathing Suit Parade at Miami Beach 1920

Cleveland 1909

The Cleveland Flats 1901

Euclid Avenue 1905

Public Square 1912

Phoenix 1908

Map of Phoenix 1885

Ford Hotel, Washington St. & Second Ave ~1930

A Native American (Maricopa) on Worthington St. 1899-1900

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