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Version 2.0 Middle School Level
Workshop Training Web Pages

The following are links to the NEW Version 2.0 Middle School Level Workshop Training web pages.  These are intended to be used with the NEW Version 2.0 training materials.
*  These materials are password protected (excluding week 1). If you are a registered user of the CIESE Datafeed system, use your Datafeed username and password (if you are a beginning this course, you will register in the first workshop 1 and please allow 24 hours for your password to be registered for access here).

Week One Workshop
Introduction To The Internet In Education
Week Two Workshop
Use of the Internet as a Communication Tool:
Using E-mail in the Classroom
Week Three Workshop
Enriching the Curriculum Through 
Telecollaborative Projects
Week Four Workshop
Real-Time Adventures on the Internet
Week Five Workshop
Primary Sources and
Multidisciplinary Connections
Week Six Workshop
Internet Searching Strategies:
Finding Educational Web Sites on the Internet
Week Seven Workshop
Classroom Implementation & 
Project Management Plans
Week Eight Workshop
Project Management Plans Part II & 
Implementation Web Pages
Week Nine Workshop
Developing Implementation Web Pages Continued...
Week Ten Workshop
Presentations and Cyber-Poster Session

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