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Engineering Education Programs

Engineering in K-12
CIESE's science and mathematics curriculum materials have been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, the White House Office of Science and Technology, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and others. Now, CIESE has expanded it's curriculum focus to include engineering design and problem-solving activities for K-12 school students.

CIESE has launched Engineering Our Future NJ, a partnership among schools, institutions of higher education, and research organizations to provide grade-appropriate pre-engineering experiences for all New Jersey’s K-12 students.  As part of the Engineering Our Future NJ initiative, CIESE is engaged in the following K-12 engineering projects:

    This NSF-funded ITEST project will provide over 2,600 students from socioeconomically and racially diverse middle and high schools throughout New Jersey with intensive, in-class IT experiences in the design, construction, and programming of underwater robotic vehicles.

  • Partnership to Improve Student Achievement (PISA)
    This mathematics and science partnership among Stevens Institute of Technology, Montclair State University, and Liberty Science Center, provides teachers from Jersey City, Hoboken, Bayonne, Newark and Weehawken with high quality, research-based, classroom-focused professional development, innovative curricula and materials, and a dynamic and supportive learning community designed to address topics in key content areas in Grades 3-5 science and technology education.

  • Honeywell Teachers for the 21st Century
    With funding from the Honeywell Foundation, CIESE is providing professional development to Jersey City middle school science teachers to engage them in proven strategies that use technology-supported science curricula, combined with hands-on science and engineering investigations, to increase student interest and achievement in science.

Engineering in Higher Education
In 2003, the Stevens Charles V. Schaefer School of Engineering launched a program known as RIEE, Research & Innovation in Engineering Education, to nurture excellence in teaching and learning throughout the undergraduate engineering programs at Stevens. The effort has focused on increasing awareness of opportunities to enhance teaching and learning through proven, research-based strategies.

The initiative is one of several approaches to increase student learning of core engineering concepts, to actively engage students in their learning, and to create an environment that involves students in the excitement and creativity of engineering early in their academic careers. RIEE complements the Stevens Technogenesis® thrust by focusing on the engagement of undergraduates in core engineering coursework in order to increase the pool and improve the persistence of students who will create, design, and commercialize new technologies in a need-driven marketplace. Visit the RIEE site to learn more about this exciting endeavor.

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