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  Internet access using mobile computer and projector

Challenges Faced

Challenge Solution
I had been striving to get away from the traditional "lecture" mode and was afraid this type of presentation might be too much like that.

Individual students were assigned to navigate certain web pages for the entire class so that I didn't have to do all the talking. In general, I found that class discussions were easier to initiate and sustain.  In the future, I might also ask students to take turns "presenting" a web page or web site in lieu of me doing it. This would require students previewing and learning material ahead of time so they could adequately teach it to the rest of the class.

I had never tried to coordinate a project with the social studies teacher and wasn't sure how it would work. I was fortunate that our 9th grade curriculum is set up so that each student must take the general science class and social studies. I didn't have to worry about some students not taking one of the classes. The social studies teacher and I met at the beginning of the school year to decide the time frame and lessons for the project.  While the project was underway, we tried to talk once a day to compare how the lessons were going.
I didn't feel tech-savvy enough to hook up the computer and projection system each time. I asked for student volunteers to do the computer setup for me.
I was afraid some students might send inappropriate email messages. I reviewed the school's AUP with students prior to the project. I also displayed students' emails using the projector so that everyone could read them.


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