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  Internet access in computer lab

Implementation Plan

Since the computer lab was only available for one 45 minute class period per week, I had to determine exactly which activities should be done in the lab and which activities should be done in class or in the library. I ended up using the computer lab three times. During those times, students accessed real time earthquake data, explored some of the links provided on the Musical Plates web site, conducted research and sent & checked email.

In class, we used printouts of the web site or other Internet sites that I made prior to class. We also made extensive use of the library for the research activity.

I was fortunate to have large blocks of time so that students could really focus on their assignments. I was also fortunate to have the technology teacher available to assist during the lab time thus minimizing our "down" time.

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Real Time Data Activity

Writing Activity

Research Activity

Hands-on Activity


Case Studies

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