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  Internet access using home computer

Challenges Faced

Challenge Solution
I thought saving all the information and copying the files onto each computer would take too much of my own time.

Saving information from my own computer only took a few minutes each day. I asked volunteer students in my homeroom period to copy the files from my disk to each of the computers which they did quickly each morning.

I thought it would be too difficult to monitor all the different activities going on at once in my classroom (i.e. hands-on activity, computer activities, library research). I enlisted the help of the school librarian to work with and supervise students when they were in the library conducting research. I also established groups with at least one "computer guru" in each group to minimize the time I would need to spend with groups on technical issues. For groups doing the hands-on activity, I required that any questions first be posed to at least one other group before coming to me.


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