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  Internet access using one computer in the classroom

Challenges Faced

Challenge Solution
I was afraid that with so many stations that I couldn't be everywhere at once answering student questions.

I established groups with at least one "computer guru" in each group to minimize the time I would need to spend with groups on computer issues. I also left detailed instructions in a packet at each station that explained what each group was to do. Also in each packet was a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) that I thought students would ask. If any student came to me with a question that was already on the FAQ list, they were deducted points for that assignment.

I anticipated that some activities would take students longer than others and I wanted to keep the time allotted for each day's session consistent. Students had two class sessions at each learning station. Any assignment that they didn't finish in the allotted class time was to be finished for homework. I also included extra activities in each packet of information that students were to work on if there was extra time. There was usually a choice of extra activities but they all related to the theme or objective of that station.


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