From: (SHANCO) 
Pinelands High School, Cape Town 
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 09:48:33 GMT+0200
South African Culture

Hi, my name is Shanco, I attend Pinelands High School in Cape Town, South Africa the southern most point of Africa. 

Many people think that we are still living in the stone age but they are wrong because if we were I would not be writing to you. We are quite modern and we live in normal houses and do normal things just like the rest of the world not like the broad picture of Africa that many people see. I think that we in South Africa are more modern than the other countries. There is still a bit of violence in South Africa as we have just come from our first democratic election. There are tribes who are holding onto their culture and such as the Zulu and the Xhosa.

All the grade 8 students have just finished a computer/ history and library project. We could choose different topics such as snakes, animals, medicine and more. In this project we had to use many books and we really had to work on it because our teacher (Ms. P. Miller) wanted it to look good and to be flawless. My topic was on snakes and I really enjoyed it because I found out many things about snake which I never knew before.