The Wykeham Collegiate 
Wed, 18 Oct 1995 08:38:44 GMT+0200 
Sawubona from South Africa 

Dear Joshua Baron 

We are two black students from South Africa who would like to tell you about the Zulu culture. Our names are Zanele and Mbali We live in the province of Kwa- Zulu Natal in the city of Pietermaritzburg. We go to school at The Wykeham Collegiate and we are in std 4 (grade 6). We go to an English school but at home we speak zulu. 

The first thing in the zulu custom is the clothing. Men, women and children normally wear traditional clothes. The men's traditional clothes are a bheshu made out of cow's skin with sandles which are called imbadada. The bheshu goes around the waist of the man. Now we come to the womans clothing.  Woman who are not married go topless but woman who are married have to wear a top to show they are married. Women also wear a long dress and a hat. Too the children it depends weather they are a boy or a girl. Girls wear short skirts and no tops but boys wear bhesus. 

At home the woman and the children have to respect the man of the house (father). The man has many honours but also has to be responsible. In the zulu custom the man has to feed the family. 

On a special occasion woman are hard at work in the kitchen. girls over the age of thirteen are reffered to as woman so they also have help in the kitchen. Woman cook papa, salads and zulu beer. While the men braai meat outside. Younger kids under the age of 13 play outside. Usaully a lot of guests come and they are entertained by a litle music. When the meal is ready the woman dish up a lots of plates of food and then they are served. After that men drink zulu beer. Special occasions are like weddings, Christmas, birthdays, braais and Easter. 

Well these are our customs and we are proud of them. 

From Mbali and Zanele