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III. Social Studies

1.) Students learn first-hand about cultures from around the world.

2.) Students learn that there are many different perspectives even from citizens from the same country.

  • The two e-mails below are from different schools in South Africa
  • Pay special attention to how they describe the Zulu customs
FROM: The Wykeham Collegiate
Kwa-Zulu Natal
SUBJECT: Sawubona from South Africa

We are two black students from South Africa who would like to tell you about the Zulu culture. Our names are Zanele and Mbali We live in the province of Kwa- Zulu Natal in the city of Pietermaritzburg. We go to school at The Wykeham Collegiate and we are in std 4 (grade 6). We go to an English school but at home we speak zulu.

The first thing in the zulu custom is the clothing. Men, women and children normally wear traditional clothes. The men's traditional clothes are a bheshu made out of cow's skin with sandles which are called imbadada. The bheshu goes around the waist of the man. Now we come to the womans clothing...

Well these are our customs and we are proud of them...

FROM: Pinelands High School
SUBJECT: South African Culture

Hi, my name is Shanco, I attend Pinelands High School in Cape Town, South Africa the southern most point of Africa.

Many people think that we are still living in the stone age but they are wrong because if we were I would not be writing to you. We are quite modern and we live in normal houses and do normal things just like the rest of the world not like the broad picture of Africa that many people see. I think that we in South Africa are more modern than the other countries. There is still a bit of violence in South Africa as we have just come from our first democratic election. There are tribes who are holding onto their culture and such as the Zulu and the Xhosa...





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