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Higher Education Curriculum

Through the U.S. Department of Education-sponsored Pathways project, CIESE and our partners are developing a library of "real world learning objects (RWLOs)," designed to strengthen teaching and learning in undergraduate courses in science, mathematics, language arts, and educational technology. RWLOs are defined as core, concise instructional activities that utilize "real world" data from the Internet to teach a discrete topic, such as exponential functions in mathematics or genetic traits.

RWLOs are inquiry-based and/or problem-solving activities designed for use by faculty and students in undergraduate courses taken by preservice teachers and other students.

The RWLO Library is available for all to browse and use.

Additionally, through funding from the NJ Department of the Treasury, faculty have created educational modules and course materials to improve and enhance learning in undergraduate science and engineering courses. These materials are available to interested faculty from New Jersey’s community colleges and other institutions of higher education.
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