Hoboken Summer Institute (HSI)
Workshop Index

July 7 - 16, 2004

Date K-5 Workshops 6-12 Workshops
7-07-04 Unique and Compelling Internet Resources The Global Classroom - Using the Internet as a Communication Tool
7-08-04 Unique and Compelling Internet Resources
(continued); Searching Strategies
Real-Time Data, Publishing Student Work, and Primary Resources
7-09-04 Planning, Finding Subject-Specific Resources, Evaluating Teacher-constructed Web Pages Putting it All Together: Internet Searching Strategies & Teaching Plans
7-12-04 Making a Web Page Using Front Page Planning & Developing a Web Project Using FrontPage
7-13-04 Finish Web Page Finalizing Project using FrontPage
7-14-04 Classroom Pedagogy Classroom Pedagogy

Diversity Resources

Diversity Resources
Web Project Presentations

Presenters Information

Name E-mail Telephone
Joyce Baron jmbaron@optonline.net (845) 351-5710
Joe Busse jbusse@stevens.edu (201) 216-8060
Joshua Koen jkoen@stevens.edu (201) 216-5045
Carol Shields chields@stevens.edu  (201) 216-5070



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