Web Project Presentations

Participant name Project
Joseph Zakhary Mean Mode Median
Janice Skrivanic M&M Math
Shiraz Hasan Diseased Human Cell
Gerard Ryan Hoboken Past
Pat Belfiore Children's Poetry
Katherine Grappone Different Voices
Angela Rivera Flat Stanley
Karen Koerner Declaration of Independance
Denise Chakov Slavery
Roseann Rana Children of Yesteryear
Suzanne Guerino Proportions of the Body
Kirti Tank The Wave Adventure
Iluminada Frene Square of Life
Charles Biancosino Mexican Food
John Maresca Flat Stanley
Michelle Switaj Glyph-a-Mania
Tamara Brogan Athens or Sparta?
Catherine Mascis Projects and Resources for K-5 Teachers
Edward Barfield Power of Persuation
Tammi Oberstein Around the World with Flat Stanley
Michelle McGreivey Evaluating Web Pages