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9-12 Unique and Compelling Resources for Social Science and Language Arts


Today's workshop will examine Internet projects that incorporate unique and compelling resources in the areas of Language Arts and Social Studies. Participants will first examine a number of unique online resources that can be incorporated into a Language Arts or Social Studies Lesson. They will then learn techniques for evaluating web sites for use in the classroom and will explore several high quality interdisciplinary projects.

Examples of Topic- Specific Resources

Primary Source Materials

Web Sites that Publish Student Work

Examples of Compelling Projects for Language Arts and Social Studies

Online Plagiarism Resources

 Social Studies References for Teachers and Students

Language Arts/ English
1000's of Full text Books Online
English Online Resources
Cyber Guides - Teacher's guides for children/young adult novels
Word Play- Links to activities for vocabulary building and enrichment
Library of Congress Home Page -- search the library's databases
Random House Thematic Index- Children/Young Adult novels categorized by theme
Selected Literary Resources Online
The Jack London Collection -- good example of hard-to-find personal letters and documents
Book of Famous Quotes
Creative Writing for Teens
Literature LInks
English Websites

Government  and Politics
Thomas - Real Time Congress
Email your Governor
Congressional Email Directory
Send Email to the President
Follow a National Bill Becoming a Law
Search Full Text Legislation of 107th Congress
U.S. Senate
CNN All Politics Online
World Fact Book
The Political Graveyard
IDB Demographic Summary
FedStats Regional Statistics
Your Nation

Economics and Finance
Yahoo Stock Quote Guide
Main Exchange - Fantasy Stock Market
Ask-An-Expert: Money and Business
Up-To-Date White House Economic Indicators for the US
Other White House Economic Indicators
Federal Reserve Board's Daily and Weekly Data
Bureau of Economic Analysis
WebEc -- Links to web sites that have economic data

Foreign Language
Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections
eMail Classroom Exchange
Oral Language Archive -- Digital audio database of foreign language dialogues
AltaVista's Translator
EDSITEment -- Links to top Foreign Language web sites
Online Dictionaries and Translators
Better English-online practice exercises(for ESL students)

Science References 
4000 Years of Women in Science
African Americans in Science
History of Science Collections
History of Science
History of Science Sourcebook
Atomic Archive - history of the atomic bomb

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