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Today's workshop will introduce several classroom modules that focus on mathematics. Participants will learn how data analysis can be done with real world data available through Internet-based projects. Participants will also see examples of Internet-based mathematics projects that effectively incorporate interdisciplinary activities such as science and language arts. Additionally, a number of Internet mathematics resources will be examined.

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Examples of Unique & Compelling Projects
The Stowaway Adventure Use real time data for time, distance and rate calculations
Population Growth Project Use historical census data and up-to-the minute population estimates to find rate of change, growths rate, and exponential growth patterns
The Noon Day Project Measure the circumference of the earth in this collaborative project
Down the Drain Project Calculate water usage rates and compare with other classes world-wide
International Boiling Point Project Find line of best fit and correlation coefficient for boiling point data collected worldwide. Use equation of line to predict boiling point at different elevations.
Navigational Vectors Lesson #4 Add vectors using the Pythagorean Theorem
Navigational Vectors Lesson #7 Find one component of a triangle using Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, and geometry (see Teacher Guide for more info).
Gulf Stream Voyage Lesson #6 Using trigonometry, calculate how surface ocean currents can affect traveling at sea

Examples of Internet-based Problem Explorations
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