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Balance Beam Activity
Use basic equation principles with the virtual Balance to find the weights of various figures. You are presented with a number of shapes and one of their weights is known. Your goal is to find the weights of the other objects by finding the relationships between the objects of various weights. This is achieved with a simulation of a balance beam to tell you how the weights relate.
Another version of the Balance Applet.

Decimal & Fraction Darts

Try to pop the balloon using your knowledge of comparing fractions and decimals.
Fraction Darts
Decimal Darts
Unit 2
Lesson 1

Chap 1
Lesson 2

Fraction Sorter
This activity allows the user to enhance their skills working with fractions by cutting squares or circles into parts (this correlates with the denominator) and then coloring in the correct portions (this correlates to the numerator). They then place these fractions in order from least to greatest.  
Birthday Problem
How many people do you need in a room to have a 50-50 chance that any two of them share a birthday? This problem helps you find out.  
What's Wrong with this Road Sign Problem?
Is there anything wrong with this sign? If so, what's the problem? Please explain. EM:
Unit 1, lesson 1
Chapter 1, lesson 1.
The Bus Problem
You are about to go on a field trip with the entire school. There are 438 teachers, students, and administrators in your building. Everyone will be traveling by school bus. If each bus (excluding the bus driver) can seat a maximum of 30 people, how many buses will you need to transport everyone? EM: 1.1
TM: 1.1
Name that ShapeMaker!
An activity that is ideal as a conclusion to the unit on quadrilaterals. Students will use the properties of the different types of quadrilaterals in order to determine the identity of the 7 shapemakers. TM:
Lesson 7.8
Animated Pin Wheel
Step-by-step instructions for you and your students and how to create an animated pin wheel with Geometer's Sketchpad. TM:
Lesson 5.4
Visual Fractions Site
A tutorial that offers instruction and practice in identifying, renaming, and operating on fractions. All examples are modelled with number lines or circles.  
The Jinx and the Birthday Puzzles
Here is a problem that will always "jinx" you.

See Flash demo of proof.
Lesson 3.1
The West Game and Challenge
Lesson 4.1
Great Green Globs Contest
What is the highest score you can get for this array of Globs?  
Repeating and Terminating Decimals
Can every fraction be written as a decimal?

Spreadsheet: repeating.xls
EM 4.2; TM 1.10
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