Hitting Profile: Alex Rodriguez
TM 2.7 Circle Graphs

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ACTIVITY: Hitting Profile: Alex Rodriguez

Below is the hitting profile circle graph of the Yankee slugger.

Make a similar graph for his 2006 statistics. Here's what you do. 
Download the Sketchpad file. (See above.)

Notice that the slices are determined by the size of the angle it makes. To find out  his home run slice angle:

  • take the number of home runs he hit in 2006 (35) and divide by the total number of at bats (572).
  • This gives you the percentage of home runs to at bats. (6.1%)
  • Since one complete rotation is 360 then 6.1% of 360 will be Alex's home run slice angle which is 21.96 or rounded up to 22 degrees.
  • Adjust the angle accordingly on the Sketchpad sketch.
  • Repeat this for:
    • singles
    • doubles
    • triples
    • outs
  • Compare the new graph to the 2005 one. How is it different?

  • Why is the size of the making an out (the green one) so much bigger than any of the other slices?

  • What would be a player's batting averagebe if 50% of their circle is shaded green?

  • Why?


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