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ACTIVITY: Shape Makers - Which is which? Sketchpad shapemakers.gsp

--> Question: Can you determine which type of Shape Makers they are? Is there a strategy that works all the time?
  1. Open shapemakers.gsp in Geometer's Sketchpad.
  2. You should see this:
    Each of these squares is a unique shape maker whose names are listed below.
    Square Maker Trapezoid Maker
    Rectangle Maker Kite Maker
    Parallelogram Maker Quadrilateral Maker
    Rhombus Maker  

  3. Unfortunately, their name tags have been replaced with letters so we can't tell which is which.
  4. Figure out the real name of each Shape Maker:
    For example, here is how you figure out which one shape A is:

    I. Click on shape A and drag it away form the others.A-1
    II. Drag the upper left hand vertex of the shape to the left, up and to the right. What do you notice?A-2
    III. Do the same with the lower left hand vertex.A-3
    IV. Repeat with the upper right hand vertex.A-4
    V. And the lower right vertex. No matter how you move each of the vertices the resulting shape always has the same name. What name is that? (It's a parallelogram. Because the opposite sides are always parallel no matter how you twist or stretch it.)A-5

  5. Do the same with B, C, D, E, F, and G and then fill in the chart below. Describe how you figured out the true identity of each Shape Maker.


    Real Name

    How did you figure it out?


     Parallelogram  Opposite sides are always parallel.













    (Hint: if you're not sure why, look up the definitions of each of the shape makers.)



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