My Globs Challenge
Guillermo Padron
Christa McAuliffe Middle School

This is the newest Green Globs problem I did.  I finished this problem with 1030 points. My highest score was 2050.

In my first shot, I used a combination of sine waves (the reason for the big waves), and absolute value (the reason for the awkward v-shape), to get all but three globs.  I also alternated the slope to get a higher angle of the v and the y-intercept to move the v down.

In my other shot, I simply used a circle to dance around the blocker, getting the last three. I put the x and y in parentheses to move the circle off the center. The answer, 1.5^2, symbolizes the radius.  With this specific radius, the circle is both able to get the globs, and dodge the blocker.