MATRIX Meeting
Year Three - 2006-2007
Battin & McAuliffe Middle Schools
Elizabeth, New Jersey

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

  • Goals for remainder of year.
    • Trenton Presentation, Tuesday, June 12th. Implement Projects.
    • Keep an “electronic” log (in Word). Add to your "portfolio."
    • Upcoming quarterly report. Due ASAP. Need a paragraph or 2 commenting on impact (?) of Matrix on your teaching. (See Robert's page.)
    • Share projects with other schools in Elizabeth. TBA.
    • Parent Breakfast to showcase projects. TBA.
  • Projects Update
    • TI Navigator - David Reeseg, Claude Dallemand, Maria Sanchez
      • 6th grade Stock Market Game - Simulation - Steve Siracusa
  • Other Items
    • Return TI Navigators.
    • Plans/strategies for using the Smartboard for activity you will submit to the Matrix Database.
    • Schedule next meeting in April.
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